Gary Lude

Unreal Engine Developer


Unreal Engine Developer

I’m Gary, 17 years old, the studios head and organizer of the future games. I occupy me with the Unreal Engine since 4 years and I started to rebuild my own Home first. In this period of time, I learned the basics of the engine and improved myself by trying to make my own RPG which failed unfortunately.

Furthermore I learned much by videos and tried a couple of things in the engine, but I never participated a course thereto.

My interest to the video game development grew more by the time and that came eventually to my first project “Maresa”, that failed too but I learned so many things while developing Maresa, it's amazing! Now I develop my second game “Shoot’n’Slaughter”.

The game idea came to me when I was searching Google, looking for classic Arena games. I wanted to have something in which you just have to kill waves of enemies and get points that you can then invest in yourself. Unfortunately, after a long search I did not find anything that suited my expectations, so I decided to develop such a game.

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Unreal Engine 4
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