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Independent curator and artist; co-founder of @mothermakers and creator of the new exhibition series @unperceivedexistence. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 27, 2018

AMA: The Pros & Cons of Being an Indie Author

The Art of Designing and Writing - A Cover Designer/Artist and Indie Author's Journey AMA

AMA #5: The Jack of All Trades Web Producer Meets the Press: Dealing with Depression & Project Making, Restarting my own home life, my 2nd video series reboot, Blogging, and Beyond.

Aug 12, 2018

I'm an asexual nonbinary person who runs an independent theater company AMA.

Aug 8, 2018

I'm likely going to kill myself, because I believe there is no point in life if your not financially independent AMA

Jul 30, 2018

I Am the Chief Eating Officer of an indie gaming company which I started from scratch 6 years ago. We just shipped a Major Game Production with based on a Robert Kirkman’s comic book. AMA!

Jul 25, 2018

I am an independent author preparing to release his debut novel. AMA!

Jul 24, 2018

I'm an indie comic writer trying to self publish my own comic series ama!

Jul 24, 2018

I'm an independent journalist and filmmaker who reports on war, crime and politics from places like Syria, Iraq, and the C.A.R. My latest piece is on born again members of MS-13 for the Guardian. AMA

Jul 21, 2018

I'm a 19 year old Scottish guy who is actively supporting the cause for our independence AMA

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