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Mythos the Series
Jun 7, 2018


Elves. Cyborgs. Big Adventure.

Mythos began as a series of loosely connected short stories, but has now been rewritten as an audio drama. It follows the journey of Abigail d’wa, a part-elven Mage, who is far more interested in her career as an archeologist than exploring her magical heritage. During an archeological dig, a mysterious box is stolen and Abigail disobeys direct orders so she can see the item safely returned.

Currently, the first six episodes are in production and will be released summer 2018. A teaser and three minisodes are already available to listen to.


Do you like Star Wars? Guardians of the Galaxy? Valerian and Laureline? Or sci-fi/fantasy writers such as Leigh Brackett, Ursula le Guin or Nnedi Okorafor? Mythos just might be to your liking.

The content rating for Mythos would be PG-13 for sci-fi violence/action, brief suggestive material and sci-fi/fantasy styled naughty language.







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Have you thought of releasing Mythos as a graphic novel in the future? If yes, what do you anticipate the major differences to be from the audio version?
Jun 11, 11:36PM EDT0

Please see the answer to Juel Rana's question "Any chance that eventually, you will turn Mythos into a graphic novel? Have you thought about this possibility?"  :)

Jun 13, 4:40PM EDT0
How big is the audio drama industry and how big of an audience does it have?
Jun 11, 12:30PM EDT0

Audio drama is an interesting medium that slumbered away from the mainstream after the rise of television and the 'radio play' lost its popularity. Now with the ability to listen anywhere, they're experiencing a second renaissance with the Big Ones like 'The Bright Sessions' having 52 subs, 'Wolf 359' with 36k and 'Welcome to Night Vale' drawing in nearly a million subscribers. It's a great time for the audio medium!

Jun 13, 4:51PM EDT0
How different is writing a character for an audio drama from writing one for a book?
Jun 11, 6:50AM EDT0

Writing a script is very different from writing a novel. Rather than 100% of your vision going into your work, your story is being interpreted by actors and influenced by sounds and music occurring within scenes. Sometimes a line in your head might be delivered entirely differently by an actor, in which case you can talk it over with them. Most of the time actors make your script even better.

Jun 13, 4:35PM EDT0
How do you plan on profiting from Mythos the series if the episodes are going to be available for free?
Jun 10, 8:20PM EDT0

The goal of Mythos isn't to make money (although that would be nice!), but to try and tell a large scale story across a medium that just keeps getting more exciting. Maybe in the future, we'll offer merch if there is demand for it. You never know!

Jun 13, 4:33PM EDT0
What's the process behind the financials of the audio drama? How do you pay the actors and other stuff? How do you create and finalize everything?
Jun 8, 6:58AM EDT0

Paying for the podcast comes either out of the writer's pocket or by donation. All actors are currently volunteers (bless them!). 

Jun 13, 4:32PM EDT0
How big is the team behind Mythos? Are they all from the creative background?
Jun 8, 4:01AM EDT0

There are five main cast characters and a rotating cast of side characters and minor voices. There is currently one writer/producer.

Jun 13, 4:30PM EDT0
What is the most challenging part of creating an audio drama, the writing part or recording with actors and all?
Jun 7, 8:54PM EDT0

Honestly, it's just keeping organized. With multiple scripts, actors, music, fx and so on, having detailed notes and a schedule is invaluable. 

Jun 13, 4:29PM EDT0
Without giving away too much what is the most surprising element of this drama?
Jun 7, 6:45PM EDT0

The positive response from the cast has been very personally surprising and welcomed. As far as surprises in the story, well, there is something in that box...

Jun 13, 4:27PM EDT0
What sets Mythos different from other sci-fi audio drama?
Jun 7, 6:57AM EDT0

The scale of Mythos is quite large. Almost every episode takes the cast to a new location full of strange aliens and customs. 

Jun 13, 4:25PM EDT0
How did you find the cast of this audio drama? Was it a long process?
Jun 6, 10:21PM EDT0

We put the call out on Casting Call Club, Twitter, and Tumblr.

It was a VERY long process that took well over a month.

The audition page on Casting Call Club remains up as there are roles in episodes 7-12 that will be cast after we conclude production on episodes 1-6.

Jun 7, 4:31AM EDT0

If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would it be and why? What would you do? What would you talk about?

May 29, 7:40PM EDT0

I would probably want to spend time with Abigail. She's a bookworm who loves stories and probably has a lot of fascinating nuggets of information to share. She could tell me about some piece of pottery from 1000 years ago she got to touch one day.

Jun 5, 3:35PM EDT0

Where can one watch Mythos once it's released?

May 24, 2:49AM EDT0

You'll be able to listen for free on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and the website. Transcripts and CC will also be available. 

May 24, 5:03PM EDT0
Who did the graphic concept of the project?
May 24, 1:23AM EDT0

Our art is done by the incredible Chelsea Geter! You can follow her/see more art on Instagram and support her on Patreon!

May 24, 1:50AM EDT0
How many people are involved in writing Mythos?
May 23, 6:01PM EDT0

Strider Leigh is currently the sole writer for the series. You can contact her through the Mythos twitter or the website. There is hope that in the future we can expand to additional writers.

May 24, 1:53AM EDT0
If Mythos was a movie, what actors would you like to be cast in the main roles? Who would direct the movie?
May 23, 12:27PM EDT0

Director Choices: Luc Besson, The Wachowskis or Taika Waititi

For Casting: Doug Jones (Pel), Suzie Plakson (Shaggy), Danai Gurira (Gracie), Freddy Rodríguez (Bats), and Arden Cho (Abigail). 

May 24, 2:13AM EDT0
What are you expecting to achieve with Mythos this year? What is the long term plan?
May 23, 10:02AM EDT0

To release the full first series by the end of the year. The long-term goal is to keep telling fun stories as long as we have them in us.

May 24, 2:13AM EDT0
When are you releasing the series? How many episodes will it have?
May 23, 9:08AM EDT0

A teaser, three minisodes and a short have been released. The first full episode will be released in July 2018.

May 24, 1:54AM EDT0
How are you funding your project? Is there a way to support it?
May 23, 2:53AM EDT0

Currently, it is being funded by sweat and volunteers. Our Patreon will become available after episode one is released. Right at this moment, we are taking donations on Ko-fi which you can check out here! Donations will go to better equipment, art and thanking the actors financially.

May 30, 4:11AM EDT0
Where does the series take place? In what time period?
May 23, 2:32AM EDT0

Mythos takes place across many worlds from one ruled by women, to a moon of dead machines, to a planet once overrun by the dead. There are spaceships and robots and laser gun battles.

Most of the aliens will probably seem familiar to you though, and despite the predominant presence of technology, there is still a little magic left in the galaxy.

May 24, 2:28AM EDT0

Would you like Mythos to be adapted into a video game? Why or why not?

May 23, 2:06AM EDT0

That would be very cool! Maybe something similar in style/structure to Chrono Trigger or Owlboy.

May 24, 2:25AM EDT0
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