My name is Gary and I created a turn-based arena game, Ask Me Anything.

Gary Lude
Apr 9, 2018

In "Shoot'n'Slaughter" you end up in an arena in which you have to fight against different enemies in a turn-based game principle, while you are collecting points and exp. Then you can invest the points in your fighter and make him stronger, each round your opponents will get better, too. Later there will be more arenas and some more features, which you can read below, because this is just a pre-alpha version.

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Do you see any popular trends driving the content of mobile games today?
Apr 16, 1:34PM EDT1

I'm not very familiar with mobile games, sorry.

Apr 16, 1:45PM EDT0
Are there any current or classic games that changed your creative vision or that stood out the most as a must play/watch?
Apr 16, 10:36AM EDT1

I would say PUBG is a must play, because it is a very new system and that makes it even more interesting.

Apr 16, 12:28PM EDT0
With which video game character do you most closely identify?
Apr 14, 7:40PM EDT1

Geralt from The Witcher 3

Apr 15, 3:27AM EDT0
If you could go back to the day one, what would you have done differently with ShootnSlaughter?
Apr 14, 1:22PM EDT1

Nothing because I planned it very well and it is exactly how I wanted it to be in the pre-alpha. :D

Apr 15, 3:26AM EDT0
What kind of weapons will be featured in Shoot'n'Slaughter"?
Apr 14, 6:15AM EDT1

A lot of different ranged weapons like a shotgun or sniper etc. and maybe some melee weapons with special attacks (something like hitting multiple enemies).

Apr 15, 3:25AM EDT0
What is the highest level you’ve reached on Word of Warcraft? What do you think about the movie?
Apr 13, 7:57AM EDT1

The highest level was 1000 on a 3.3.5a private server, on official server it is 110. The movie was amazing, only say: goosebumps :D

Apr 13, 8:06AM EDT0
When you created the characters for your game, were you influenced by some iconic video games characters?
Apr 13, 6:17AM EDT1

I didn't create any characters yet, the included ones are from a Mixamo pack. I will create some for the beta version of the game.

Apr 13, 6:54AM EDT0
Do you hope to develop more games in the future?
Apr 11, 2:17AM EDT1

Yes of course, it's something that I can do in my freetime when I have nothing else to do. Just sitting around and do nothing isn't the right way in life ;)

Apr 11, 8:03AM EDT0
What inspired you to create this game?
Apr 10, 7:03PM EDT1

The fact that I searched for arena games and didn't find anything that fits to me. So I made a concept and this pre-alpha release is the first product of this concept. :)

Apr 11, 8:02AM EDT0
Where can one download your game? Is it available on all app stores?
Apr 10, 5:54PM EDT1

It is a only windows 7/8/10 game and it is available for free on my site on

Apr 11, 8:00AM EDT0
Does your game offer any in app or in game purchase options, such as more lives or coins?
Apr 10, 10:44AM EDT1

Nope and I don't think that I will include something like that in the future. In my opinion that isn't something for pc-games, it's for mobile games and if Shoot'n'Slaughter would be a mobile game, I think I would include adverts for ingame stuff.

Apr 10, 2:45PM EDT0
What are your plans with regards to additional expansions and what will these expansions include that the original game was unable to accommodate initially?
Apr 10, 5:00AM EDT1

You can read this on my site under the point "Plans for the future " :)

Apr 10, 7:30AM EDT0
What would you say was your biggest challenge in creating this game?
Apr 10, 2:40AM EDT1

The balance of the enemy's and player's stats.

Apr 10, 7:29AM EDT0
What are some of the rules of play included in the original design of Shoot'n'Slaughter that you had later chosen to remove and what were your reasons for doing so?
Apr 9, 6:39PM EDT1

I didn't include anything that I needed to remove in the future.

Apr 10, 7:28AM EDT0
In your opinion, why has tabletop gaming maintained its popularity in an era that is dominated by digital gaming platforms?
Apr 9, 6:32PM EDT1

I don't create tabletop games, so I can't answer you, sorry.

Apr 10, 7:27AM EDT0
What is the standard length of the game’s play and why is the length of the game an important feature for the modern-day gamer?
Apr 9, 6:28PM EDT1

Each round is about 1-2mins and the overall lenght is endless.

Apr 10, 7:26AM EDT0
What are some of the best methods a developer can use when creating a turn-based game and which of these methods have you successfully utilized in Shoot'n'Slaughter’s creation?
Apr 9, 4:46PM EDT1

You need to love what you create and if you have fun playing your own game, others will maybe, too. And of course you need to know a few things about turn-based games.

Apr 10, 7:25AM EDT0
What are some of the complications a person can encounter when first introduced to Shoot'n'Slaughter?
Apr 9, 12:32PM EDT1

I think the menu is a little bit crappy, but I will improve it by the time. The controls need to be checked, because they are a bit special, for example you start a round with "F". But overall it is very simple :)

Last edited @ Apr 9, 12:50PM EDT.
Apr 9, 12:50PM EDT0
What was the most complex and frustrating turn-based game that you have played and how has the experience of this game affected the development of Shoot'n'Slaughter?
Apr 9, 12:31PM EDT1

Turn-based arena games are never complex and frustrating so it doesn't affected the development of my game.

Apr 9, 12:47PM EDT0
What is the minimum and maximum amount of players for the game, for which age demographic was the game originally developed and why?
Apr 9, 12:14PM EDT1

Min. 1 max. will be 2-4 (I'm not sure yet) when I implemented co-op. It was developed for I would say 10 years+

Last edited @ Apr 9, 12:41PM EDT.
Apr 9, 12:38PM EDT0