Let's Talk Kawaii + Creative Entrepreneurship + Reaching Dreams with THIS Black Female Tattoo Artist's AMA

Imani K. Brown
Apr 20, 2018

Hi! I’m Imani K. Brown ~ and I welcome you to play along with me. 

Let me tell you why you should #askmeanything…

As an international tattoo artist/manga illustrator, I help people transform their dreams into their ideal lifestyles.

Whether it’s a kawaii-inspired tattoo or growing their passion for entrepreneurship, I guide creative people to their dreams. If I can empower youths to embrace their inner otaku, I can help anyone. It’s all about the hustle and how you use it to empower yourself, family + community!

Let’s paint the day bright! Ask me anything right NOW! ^.^

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Let's get started!

HI everyone! My sincere apologies for being away so long >.<

I will be replying to questions starting from tonight :)

I’ve been doing some heavy DC to Japan building while in Japan - working vacay #1 (alone)

Now I am attending the Licensing Expo in Vegas (I hope to attend in Japan next year) ~

And truthfully, I’m still learning best practices (for me) to juggle fun projects like this with other things on my plate. (I want to do better here. But little by little💪🏾✨)

~ One of the questions was about my own dreams. And I have pretty HUGE dreams for my brand - IP Brand INK & ART Creative House. I am in the “grow” phase of my career and considering products & branding styles for additional income to grow with ^.^

That’s about it. 🙇🏾‍♀️ And truly apologize for being away so long. BUT good news ... I’m b-zack & I’ll be around tonight!



May 22, 7:18PM EDT0
Is there a project or a designer you dream of working with in furture?
May 6, 11:34PM EDT0
If you could design anything and budget wasn´t an issue what would you like to create?
May 4, 8:51PM EDT0
Do you feel that the Kawaii art is a new artform which in the future will have its own place in art history?
May 4, 8:09AM EDT0
What do you wish to communicate with this type of creativity?
May 4, 6:17AM EDT0

Who or what would you say had the most influence on you as an artist?

Apr 24, 6:01PM EDT0

How do you personally reconcile loving and working in Japan and Japanese culture when it has a history of negative stigma towards both blackness and tattoos? 

Apr 21, 11:20AM EDT1
What is your reason for trying to help people be entrepreneurs? Where does your passion to help others come from?
Apr 20, 5:00PM EDT0
Who is your favorite tattoo artist? What is the most difficult thing for you to tattoo? Are there any other styles you want to venture in to?
Apr 20, 2:19PM EDT0
What is the best relationship that has come out of your work with helping people? How does it feel to help?
Apr 20, 10:06AM EDT0
What other kinds of art do you enjoy besides your own?
Apr 20, 9:16AM EDT0
What is the most complex tattoo you have ever designed? How long did it take?
Apr 20, 8:08AM EDT0
What ways do tattoos effect the the lives of the people that get them? What type of atmosphere do you set up in your shop?
Apr 20, 5:03AM EDT1

Hi Williams James ~

I’ve been wanting to get to this question for  while now! Thank you for this ^.^

Tattoo can be a healing + empowering experience.

I attract a lot of who I am and all that is balled up into my manic depressive self :) So a lot of times the experience of having someone provide the service who gets it, leads to empowerment. Healing can come from both the interaction/ exchange, the tattoo itself, and/ or the overall experience ~

My studio’s atmosphere, for the reason above - is extremely chill, but vibrant and triggering to the imagination. When customers come, it’s their home and we’re just hanging out over art ... whatever happens to help the piece reveal itself happens. Sometimes it’s just sitting back and talking about life in general. Sometimes it’s saying nothing and listening to music. Just depends on the person, their energy, and what we both hope to gain from our experience together :)

May 25, 1:44AM EDT0

How do you guide creative people to their dreams? How would you guide a fashion illustrator

Apr 20, 4:05AM EDT1

Hi Nsungwe thanks for the question!

I guide people through their creative dreams in 3 ways - 1. dream/ visualization/ realization 2. focus and 3. follow through

A fashion illustrator, we'd begin with your ultimate goal ... the one that scares you, examining that idea based on where you are now. Everything is always finding balance between dreams & reality and then moving dreams INTO reality - to make room for more dreams, goals, things to strive for, etc.

My question to you would be if your fashion illustration were it's own entity (like a child) what journey would you want your fashion illustration to take you on , in 10 years?

May 3, 11:43AM EDT0
What are some of your favorite mangas and why?
Apr 19, 1:10PM EDT1

Hi hi George ^.^

I'm an Osamu Tezuka fan to the core. Even his bad works get all of my love. Mostly because his bodies of work were consistently dark/ grotesque but surface level kinda cute & kitchy (best references would be Unico and Aiko to keep it short <3) It's kinda how I view kawaii culture and a great deal of life - beautifully dark.

Last edited @ May 3, 11:35AM EDT.
May 3, 11:35AM EDT0
How did you get started in drawing mangas? Did someone teach you or did you self-learn?
Apr 19, 12:54PM EDT1

Hi Jaime ~

I'm self-taught mostly. Once I return down the road of zines & mangas, I'll have a mentor to help with nuances with storytelling, but not the art style. I hope that makes sense ^.^

May 3, 11:30AM EDT0
How do your friends and family view your career as a tattoo artist?
Apr 17, 2:04PM EDT1

Hi Shakeel ~

My family and friends are cool with it ^.^

My family was skeptical originally and I knew I'd have to shut up, show & prove.

My friends were just wondering if I'd actually settle down in tattoo or get bored and return to being flighty haha

May 3, 11:28AM EDT0
Do you usually help artists achieve their dreams, or do you usually help them find dreams to pursue?
Apr 17, 7:47AM EDT1

Hi hi! ^.^

I help artists achieve their dreams. Often, in a terrible bit of creative overwhelm, I am helpful with helping artists understand qhat theyir big dream is ~

But they certainly have to do the heavy lifting of finding the dream(s) they’d want to pursue ^.^

Apr 27, 9:48PM EDT0
Do you rent out a parlor from a tattoo place or do you have your own place to tattoo people?
Apr 17, 4:20AM EDT1

Hi hi! ^.^

I have my own private studio + art shop Little INKPLAY Shop ^.^

Stop by! 👋🏾✨

Apr 21, 7:47AM EDT0
Is it possible to practice tattooing without actually tattooing people or does it just take experience?
Apr 16, 3:06PM EDT1

Hi Bojana ~

If you mean in terms of practice while learning how to tattoo ? ... you can learn on other surfces but experience & expertise will come from an actual human canvas. 

Apr 21, 7:46AM EDT0
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