FÁBIO SIMÃO - Ask Me Anything - Self-taught illustrator and comic artist and metal guitarist on free time!

Fábio Simão
Apr 14, 2018


FACEBOOK FÁBIO SIMÃO ARTFábio Simão dos Santos - born on August 6, 1988, in Brazil

I've always loved comics and graphic arts, and after graduating and have worked for a few years in other areas, I decided to do what I always liked: creating art!

Currently working as a graphic designer at a publisher of telephone directories, I am available for freelance illustration work.

As a freelance artist, I did many logos for small to medium companies and a great variety of arts for commercial purposes, and also illustrations for independent projects of books and games.

As a graphic designer, I worked for more than 5 years in some companies, creating advertising arts for many companies, to be printed in a great variety of materials or to be released online.

In partnership with Cosmotrama Art Studio, I started to sell comic pinup arts online on e-bay in 2017, and I'm focusing on upgrade my skills on this kind of art and make my name known as a comic and pinup artist worldwide.

Thank you for visiting my page, send a hi and let's keep in touch!


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How many hours per week do you devote to creating comics and how much to other projects, marketing/conventions, and generally dealing with life issues?
Apr 21, 1:22AM EDT0

Hi Reench! Sorry for the long time to reply!

I work in my "normal" job as a graphic designer for a company in my city, so all the stuff that I create is made on weekends and at night after work...so I'm still on the search to get a chance to show my work and effectively make comic art and illustrations my living. The life issues always consume a lot of time too, and many times I struggle with myself to go back to art and produce new things. I can say that in a week, for now, I just spend 4 to 6 hours on my artworks...I know this is too few, but I hope to change this number soon!


Aug 30, 12:25PM EDT0
Where, do you feel, a writer/artist should draw the line as to what is art and what is not art?
Apr 20, 6:10PM EDT0

Hi Wajdankhan! Sorry for the long time to reply!

I consider that art is everything created that is beautiful and graceful to our eyes and ears, that give us inspiration, emotion, and passion. I really don't like abstract art, or modernism, to me this kind of thing is just a deconstruction of the fine art created in hundreds of years for the masters of classic culture. For me, this is what defines the point to split art from shit.

Aug 30, 8:29AM EDT0
If in future your child also became an artist, do you think he will be working the same profession as you?
Apr 20, 5:20PM EDT0

Hi Debenjy91! Sorry for the long time to reply!

Hehe, actually I can say that If someday I have a child and can give the condition for her to grow and become a good person, it's like a mission complete for me, no matter what's her profession. But in general, the children never want to follow the same profession of their dad, so there's no way to preview the future hahaha!

Aug 30, 8:23AM EDT0
What do you prefer, anime, marvels or something else?
Apr 20, 12:27PM EDT0

Hi Marajavs!

I like a lot of Anime and Tokusatsu, and also I'm a big fan of old animates series like Thundercats, Dungeons and Dragons and Six Bionics, but for now, I prefer Marvel, Dc, Top Cow and Image Comics, and related things.


Apr 20, 12:57PM EDT0
What was your first ever original comic character?
Apr 20, 12:12PM EDT0

Hi Beautybliss07!

My first original comic character was "The Warrior Of Shadows"...it was never published, but I still hope to release it someday.

Haha, its very very old stuff, I will need to redraw all pages, but you can see one sample page of the comic here:


Apr 20, 12:53PM EDT0
Do you think that advances in software tools and global connectivity are making it simpler to start in the design field?
Apr 19, 9:22PM EDT0

Hi Jaime!

Certainly yes! Today it's not so hard to get a nice level of expertise in a design/art software, and with the growth of the social networks focused on art, like Deviant Art, Artstation, Behance, and others, the way to become a professional of design and art becomes easier. There are a lot of free software too, that can help the first steps in this field without spending any money.


Apr 20, 7:04AM EDT0
What is your favorite thing to draw? What’s the one thing you’d never draw and why?
Apr 19, 4:00PM EDT0

Hi Joe!

My favorite thing to draw is superheroes and angels, both male and female. 

I never will draw things that cause offense to the creed of the others, with religious themes, and things that depict the mind disturbs of a human being, like pedophilia, zoophilia, violence in sex, and etc.... I think that by drawing this kind of thing, I'm not using my talent to create good art or something that will be good to someone. 


Apr 19, 4:20PM EDT0
When you transfer your pencil sketches to the digital world, do you try to preserve some amount of hand-drawn imperfection? Is that part important to you?
Apr 18, 9:15PM EDT0

Hi Shakeel Ahmad!

Definitely yes! I always try to keep some controlled "imperfections" to give a more natural feel in the drawings. Art is all about this, otherwise, it becomes technical-drawings/blueprints hahaha.

Apr 19, 10:59AM EDT0
How valuable is self-initiated work for you? What’s the best thing about being an illustrator?
Apr 18, 1:43PM EDT0

Hi Starfall1!

For me is one of the most valuable things in life, because allows you to be yourself, doing what you like, and make money by doing this. I think everyone should have a B plan in life and give it a chance on self-initiated work. 

The best thing about being an illustrator is to give life to the dreams of people, creating worlds and images, and seeing the smile on their faces when you show the finished work. This is very grateful to an illustrator.

Apr 19, 10:56AM EDT0
How do you manage your time, so that you are able to meet deadlines and easily switch from one project to the next? Is there a secret for that?
Apr 18, 5:23AM EDT0

Hi Poncjo!

Actually its a great challenge manage the time with so many things to do, but for now, I'm just taking commissions of illustrations and doing arts to sell on eBay, and these two things haven't too many hard deadlines. I know that when I got more professional in this market I will need to stop doing something, maybe I will need to stop playing in my band, but in any case, I think the secret is always analyzing yourself and your time to measure what you can do or not with your available time.


Apr 18, 7:08AM EDT0
What are your future career aspirations?
Apr 15, 2:16AM EDT0

Hi Jannatul!

My aspirations are to grow my name in the market for illustration and comics, do sample pages and send to many publishers and try to get jobs as a penciler for the comic industry!


Apr 17, 6:55AM EDT0
What is your favorite kind of music to play or listen to?
Apr 15, 2:02AM EDT0

Hi Zarakeisha!

For sure are Heavy Metal and their subgenres like Progressive and Power Metal!



Apr 17, 6:53AM EDT0
Do you do any free hand art work? If yes, what material do you use?
Apr 14, 8:30PM EDT1

Hi Marton!

Yes, I do a lot of freehand traditional artwork. All the arts that I do to sell on eBay are this way!

I use graphite (pencils or mechanical pencil leads), color pencils, inks, markers, and sometimes watercolor or acrylics.


Apr 14, 10:14PM EDT1
What are some of the challenges of being an artist in Brazil?
Apr 14, 8:02PM EDT1

Hi Tanya!

Good question!

Well, here in Brazil we have a joke that says "If a man must kill a lion a day to survive, an artist must to kill all the gang of lions!" hahaha. There are very few people here that live exclusively from their artworks, the majority of the artists make it as the freelance to make more money, or just for hobby, or both. I think the main challenge is to be "viewed" by the world because there are too much competitively in the art market worldwide, and too much very talented artists on the run for a chance.


Apr 14, 10:10PM EDT1
Who would you say is your mentor as an artist? How did he/she help you?
Apr 14, 4:56PM EDT1

Hi Rudi!

I didn't have a mentor until now. I always learned by searching things by myself and observing many artist's works. 


Apr 14, 9:48PM EDT1
How can one contact you for some freelance work?
Apr 14, 12:51PM EDT1

Hi again Shweta!

The best way is just sending me an email at:


Of course, I'm on Facebook and Instagram too:


instagram: @fabio_artworks


Apr 14, 9:43PM EDT1
Do you like graphic novels? What are some of your favorite? Do you like them for the stories, the art or both?
Apr 14, 12:50PM EDT1

Hi Shweta!

Yes for sure! I like a lot of works including Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, American Comics and European Comics. My favorites are Batman, X-Men, Spiderman, Justice League, The Darkness, Spawn, Witchblade, and Soulfire.

I like in first place for the art, and in second place for the story. 


Apr 14, 9:38PM EDT1
How do you keep improving yourself as an artist?
Apr 14, 12:03PM EDT1

Hails Knightrider!!

I try to observe the work of the artists that are better than me and pay attention to the things I'm doing wrong. Also to watch speedpaints on youtube and read tutorials is a nice tool for improve.


Last edited @ Apr 14, 9:33PM EDT.
Apr 14, 9:32PM EDT1
What is the best part of being an artist?
Apr 14, 11:41AM EDT1

Hi Luchazo99!

Definitely is the possibility to create anything your imagination allows! You can give form to your dreams, depict worlds and characters, tell stories and bring emotions to people! 


Last edited @ Apr 14, 9:29PM EDT.
Apr 14, 9:29PM EDT1
Where did your passion for art come from?
Apr 14, 9:44AM EDT1

Hi RcChan!

I think that I have the passion for art since I was a kid, I remember to spend time doodling some characters that I loved like  Black Kamen Rider RX, and Cybercops when I was 4 - 6 years old. When I saw a comic book for the first time I fell in love! 


Apr 14, 9:25PM EDT1
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