AMA #5: The Jack of All Trades Web Producer Meets the Press: Dealing with Depression & Project Making, Restarting my own home life, my 2nd video series reboot, Blogging, and Beyond.

Takeshi Kinniku
Aug 15, 2018

I didn't think I would do it this early, but I'm up to bat again. It's been an increasingly tough 8 years (maybe more, maybe less). I promised I was going to talk about my health (mainly mentally) in some form or another being a lazy bum like myself. My Mental Health honestly feels like an excuse to get attention, but deep inside through light and dark, I might do something that'll get myself or others in trouble. I had to deal with a decade old warhorse of a Mac that has seen better days, I moved for 6 different times to 5 different places in just 4 years, and It's going to be another new home in the same year I ended up here. The big coo here is project making and adapting. I released 6 blogs in July, and I hope to continue the streak for months to come. As for the video making thing, I've gone through creative lengths to have it done as soon as possible, and some elements of the last reboot stay, and maybe I'll expand on them. I already have OVER 30 minutes of footage (audio and video). In between videos and blogs, I've continued fanfiction, Had more A&W plus Mountain Dew than warranted and have been trying to find videos of girls taking their clothes off just to do something when I feel like I need my hands to do a "Pile Driver". Projects are my life (for now). I'm trying to rebuild my life, but it's a process, You either win or lose (nothing in between), you can talk more about my Juicer topics (more Safe For Work topics (maybe the usual nerdy stuff)), but I really want this to have a bit more personal than usual (as in my health).

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Many people report that antidepressant medication has little or no effect on them at all. In your experience, has medication helped you to battle depression?
Aug 17, 5:41AM EDT0

I’m not sure, I feel like I need to be  studied on that.

Aug 17, 7:25AM EDT0
What aspects of your life have been affected the most by poor mental health?
Aug 17, 12:55AM EDT0

More isolation from society, more than necessary use of technology, unnecessary fear,  physical and mentalharm to myself (just to name a few).

Aug 17, 1:20AM EDT0
How do you manage to be productive and dealing with mental health conditions?
Aug 16, 1:37AM EDT0

Just pull a Kinnikuman and tell myself, “I CAN do this today” (with some tasks easier to do than others). For how people can do that, consider pulling out your  metaphorical He-Man/Lion-O sword and think to yourself “What am I going to do today, and how am I going to do it?” Your mileage may vary, but just find your thing and go on forward.

Aug 16, 8:34AM EDT0
Have you thought of documenting your battles with bouts of depression to help others going through the same things as you?
Aug 15, 4:29AM EDT0

I’m still fighting it TBH, I just wanted to make this for show people what they could learn and anything I have learned so far. I might make some type of thing for how to go through depression, but right now, live the moment.

Aug 15, 8:54AM EDT0
What do you find comforting in moments when you are feeling lost?
Aug 14, 6:31AM EDT0

Talking about Nerdy stuff (even going as complex as Where Yuki Yajima now and why she left Bioman, the Dojin Game scene on the PC-98, or How to Implement X-Men and Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Aug 14, 10:12AM EDT0
Are there any telltale signs you can think of that one should look out for when depression is setting in?
Aug 14, 2:21AM EDT0

Among others, Increasingly regular negative thoughts, actions getting worse, and not enjoying the positives in life.

Aug 14, 9:48AM EDT0
What does a person battling depression need from those close to him? Space or support?
Aug 13, 7:41PM EDT0

Both, at different times. Space when you don't need anyone right that moment (though try not to hurt yourself if you do). Support is more beneficial, You could use a pick me up everytime you can.

Aug 13, 8:41PM EDT0
Would you say you are a resilient person, considering how often you rise inspite of your problems?
Aug 13, 6:02PM EDT0

Sometimes. It just takes quite a bit of motivation to do so though.

Aug 13, 8:39PM EDT0
Would you say you have unhealthy eating habits when you are busy? Iis this something you would probably want to change someday?
Aug 12, 12:35PM EDT0

A little, A&W, Mountain Dew, Cheetos Paws, BBQ chips, Zebra Cakes, all that. But unless it becomes super serious, probably not.

Aug 12, 4:09PM EDT0
Do you find it easy to build relationships with the people in the areas where you moved to the past couple of times or do you avoid getting attached?
Aug 11, 4:40PM EDT0

I try to get attached, but I’m a very unique guy in the world a real life. Not everyone is into blogging or video making (or even the videos I do). I can’t construct relationships as a level of geek I am. I think an old idol of mine Moviebob said I should get into stuff like reading books (there’s a whole universe of graphic, epic series I’m missing out on that I’m missing. Maybe I should consider getting a book on tape (like Audible or getting friends to make voices of the characters as the action happens)), watching more sci-fi and fantasy movies besides Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Aug 11, 4:48PM EDT0
Do you have an ideal location in your mind where when you see it you will know "this is it. I am not moving again"?
Aug 11, 9:34AM EDT0

It's not as easy as that. I'd love to live in japan, but it's not realistic. It depends on condition, and realism.

Aug 11, 12:06PM EDT0
Many times we are told how a child is brought up determines his future. What role did your upbringing play to the person that you are today?
Aug 10, 8:10PM EDT0

A girl lover, hunter for the obscure, and a very spoiled kid.

Aug 11, 12:05PM EDT0
There are several digital options available to help people cope with mental health. Have you tried any?
Aug 10, 5:08PM EDT0

Not really, because some I don't feel like using, some are too young to actually work, and some are just snake oil.

Aug 10, 6:39PM EDT0
If you could go back and start over in life, how far back would you go? How different would be the choices you would have made?
Aug 10, 12:45PM EDT0

If I had to choose, maybe Spring of 2013, don’t treat women as objects. Also people do change overtime, it can happen for a variety of reasons. Heck, my “friend” said he would tell me if he got mad at me for one reason or another and a couple days later, he blocked me right from the get go in 2016. People should explain their reasons instead of cowering in fear. Even late 2012 was hell, Web Producers are people, not gods. So I wish I could take back the damages I did over 5 or 6 years.

Aug 10, 1:32PM EDT0
Trying to look from a positive perspective, do you think that maybe all the changes in your life, whether they were good or bad, have made you more resilient and more flexible for future life challenges?
Aug 9, 6:42AM EDT0

Kind of. I’ve been put on a caffeine embargo until tomorrow and I can’t have Root beer until Saturday (and my wireless is being a jerk), so yeah. Perfect experience for me. Load the kegs up this Saturday. :P

Aug 9, 9:11AM EDT0
You have a lot going on in your life, I guess that is why you refer to yourself as a jack of all trades. What is the one thing you do that you consider vital for your well being?
Aug 9, 4:47AM EDT0

I refer to myself as the Jack of all trades Web Producer because I’m a master of all types of content making, but an expert at none of them. One thing I consider vital to my well being is a bunch of friends to be there with me.

Aug 9, 9:15AM EDT0
Do you think keeping busy and getting more projects will help you find yourself and finally find some balance in your life?
Aug 8, 12:53AM EDT0

Maybe, but I have to get off the internet more as well (mainly social media).

Aug 8, 11:13AM EDT0
Many people suffering from depression tend to become dependent on anti-depressants. What did you or are you doing to ensure you do not become a slave to anti-depressants?
Aug 6, 5:28PM EDT0
As a person who has gone through depression and has seen the dark side of it, what kind of support should society give someone going through depression? Did you receive any support from the people around you?
Aug 6, 8:00AM EDT0

Both can be answered with one answer. Anyone they can, professionals, family, friends, whoever. Heck, if they have gone through a similar condition, even better. All people need is to talk. I most of the time reject helplines, but you might Really need them. Depression gets worse if you don’t get help, because if not careful, you could end up in a hospital, or worse.

Aug 6, 10:50AM EDT0
What kind of medication are you taking to deal with depression? Do you recommend it? Why do you think this way?
Aug 4, 4:50PM EDT0

I don’t know if I should tell you but I have plenty of medications for my 99 problems, depending on medication vs other medication, it’s unpredictable, ask a doctor or other professional to see what works best for you.

Aug 4, 5:04PM EDT0