AMA 1: Jack of All Trades Web Producer!

Takeshi Kinniku
Apr 13, 2018

I can describe myself as a "Perfect" Web Producer Cell (Cell from Dragon Ball Z). I've done all types of content over the years, but now that I'm at the bottom half of the 9th inning with me and the Cubs playing against The Yankees (I guess), just ask any questions about blogs you'd like to see, I'm starting a review of Metalder as of making this, but I'd like to hear from you. Just treat me like how'd you like to be treated. My world in my new blogs is like the 90s all over again. VHS tapes with the abillity to (supposedly) put whole TV show seasons on a single VHS tape, Zip disks are cool again, and the sky's the limit. Blog/website is over!

Enjoy your stay, let me hand you your coat and you sometimes get trading cards (or digital Cards featuring an element of the show/movie/Comic/Game/etc.)

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What does a typical work week for a web producer look like?
Apr 20, 5:37PM EDT0

It varies, but for me, It's Wake up, wear a good outfit, Have a waffle, a bowl of cereal, or on rare occasions, Pancakes or whatever else for breakfast, medication, find project, focus on it like the whole day, 2 more meals and medication doses a a day, I also should have a Mountain Dew (or any other caffeinated soda) and plenty of snacks a day with me, going for an errand/task once in a while, after my day is over, I go to bed and start anew. I'm lazy, yes, but my house has 4 other kids in it, and one I actually appreciate, why else could i turn into an introvert. Same stuff, different delivery

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Apr 20, 5:56PM EDT0

We've still got time left, so anyone got any last questions?

Apr 20, 4:01PM EDT0
What can readers expect in your next blog post? Any hint?
Apr 20, 12:58PM EDT0

Hopefully the end of My Metalder Review, but it's a week away so I can't guarantee anything. I want to look into other areas that my younger self didn't in his 6 year tenure writing blogs.

Apr 20, 2:14PM EDT0
Where do you see yourself in coming 5 years? Do you want to promote your blog in the more professional manner?
Apr 20, 12:40PM EDT0

1. I don't know, only time will tell...

2. Maybe, but sometimes it has a dark side. Fame gives me Pride and even IF I DO get a 100 views on a blog, the Pride monster comes in. Back in my old days, I had all 7 deadly Sins, and I'm trying to slow down on that. I got a random Email from Loot Crate and after a conversation, life works in mysterious ways, you've just gotta accept it.

Apr 20, 2:11PM EDT0
Why do you like everything Japanese?
Apr 20, 12:08PM EDT0

I don't like "Everything Japanese", Some entertainment there sucks, I have very little respect (if at all) for criminals in Japan, and Kinnikuman Nisei's Tag Team Arc is the series' equivlent of the Star Wars Holiday Special. It started with me discovering various tokusatsu, video games and Manga/anime that the US never got, and the obsession grew as I grew older, Up to the point where I can translate various Manga titles with Clues from other titles. It's mainly Weekly Shonen Jump Titles, but who's to say I can't do it elsewhere? The best answer is theBeauty of the Scenery from rural places to metropolitan cities, and the entertainment there? Tokyo-a-go-go baby!

Apr 20, 2:05PM EDT0
What’s hot in your gaming playlist at the moment?
Apr 20, 8:30AM EDT0

Gaming? I listen to Tokusatsu/anime songs right now, did Metalder create that out of me. As far as gaming songs, I’m not too sure maybe something epic and/or ambient. I have my own list of Konami Songs, though I’ve gotta get some Songs ready for Capcom #EasierSaidThanDone.

Apr 20, 9:25AM EDT0
What’s your earliest memory of gaming?
Apr 20, 8:22AM EDT0

Toying with games like they were action figures from other toylines and making my own adventures instead of playing them seriously. I had a Level 70 Nidoqueen with Horn Drill and Fissure, I was obsessed with Kirby 64 (when it was new) the same way people of YouTube (circa. 2011/2012) were with Call Of Duty and Skyrim. If an arcade machine had the Sega Logo on it, I’d play it (Star Wars Trilogy Arcade could be the best showcase on how I evolved as a gamer, my dad almost served as a coach on arcade games for quite some time). Pokémon Snap was one of the first games I asked Santa For, and by the same Token, 3D Ultra Lionel Traintown was (arguably) the first video game I played Period (even teaching me tricks I really shouldn’t know, but the developers probably patched up). I treated Ocarina of Time’s empty boss rooms as Training Areas for like a tournament (almost like Dragon Ball Z at the time). I always played as Peach every chance I got (probably the first time I started to get into girls), Daisy being introduced in the Mario universe as a regular was like Christmas in July for me for 2 dolls I could use in a playset (games like Mario Tennis and Mario Party 3 defined that fantasy for me). Lastly I played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater like I was button mashing. I could go on and on, but Smash Bros. Melee represents my point where I had to realize the Fun was over, and time to get serious. Granted I was still selfish (even to an extent today), but there was no reason to get competitive, rather than have fun with your toys. The reason I imagine my blog’s world as the 90s again was to represent a fantasy that could exist in an alternate universe that could only exist over a time that could’ve existed if I was born earlier (as in I was born in 1995, but a good ol’ lookback at a world only I could create feels so good to me).

Apr 20, 9:20AM EDT0

We’ve still got time left, any last questions (I set it for a full week but you can always try again when I have a new one or better yet, when I do start a new one, you’ll have New questions you didn’t think of before)?

Apr 20, 7:02AM EDT0
There are lots of amaizng games lined up for 2018! What are you eager to get your hands on?
Apr 19, 7:40PM EDT0

Nintendo: Smash Bros 5, Maybe the New Pokemon game

Sony; I'd get the best PS4 Money can buy and play the insomniac Spiderman game.

PC: It's been out for ages, but A Hat in Time.

XBOX One: Donkey Butts (as in nothing that looks interesting that I can't play on PC, PS4, or Switch)

E3 will spill the beans for this year (so I'll have a fresh list for games to look forward too. #TakamaruForSmashFive).

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Apr 19, 8:43PM EDT0
Japanese game designers are interested in broadening the gaming market to add more women players. How successful have they been in doing so? Why do you think they sought out the female market while US companies seem to target only hardcore male players?
Apr 18, 11:24PM EDT0

1. I'm not sure, I assume you mean one of three things.

a. The Mobile market, I'm not sure, but while it's annoying that the Guyver's (or any anime/manga in that case) first video game outing might be a microtransaction filled mess, it has to be done.

b. Lowering the explict material for women characters. 2 words, double standard.

c. Answered in part 2.

2. Empowerment fantasies, when the american average joe gamer is playing America "HELLZ YEAH" Call of Duty or this week's youtube clickbait gaming video video game, the Japanese Average Jo (no I didn't misspell the last word) is watching a JRPG (or other anime styled game in any genre) video. The whole thing relates to gender roles from all sides, while most male gamers would play as some kind of cop killing thug, steroid enduced soldier, or impossibly hot yet unlikely to exist in real life buxom (insert role here) they'd wish to have sex with, the most girl gamers would rather play as someone with a woman with average sized bust, waist, and hip measurements, as any role they can, or the bishonen dudes they'd like to go out on a date with. That's basically the long and short of it, but I'm not a gender based doctor or even an expert, so that was my best guess.

Apr 19, 8:33AM EDT0
If you were to be one thing for the rest of your life, what would you be?
Apr 17, 4:13AM EDT0

That’s way too broad of a question so I guess I’ll try to be as simple and ambitious (yet realistic) as possible.

It changes from time to time, but maybe right now it’s......      Owner of my own convention I guess (maybe Ridercon (to introduce the world to a new craze that I hope catches on like anime did in the Late 90s to Early 2000s))? Guest list would include Austin St. John, Walter Jones, Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, Johnny Young Bosch, Patricia Ja Lee, Sean Cw Johnson, Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, Daniel Southworh, Sally Martin, Emma Lahara, Brad Hawkins, Herbie Baez, Barbara Goodson, David Fielding, Robert Axelrod, Kerrigan Mahan, Kenji Ohba (aka what Toei was to their tokusatsu that JDF was for Saban Tokusatsu), Shiro Izumi, Mao Ichimichi, Sakurako Okubo, Shunya Shiraishi, Renn Kiriyama, Koichi Sakamoto, and guests of honor, Andre “Black Nerd”, Joe Rovang, John “grnrngr” Green, Linear Ranger, and Nicole “DestinyAmber”, finally the 3 riders of the gods, Tetsuo Kurata, Kento Handa, and Minami Tsuku. No Blissfully Ignorant Puppet Masters please.

More realistically, I’d like to help get more Toei tokusatsu (other than MMPR era and beyond Sentai) to the states. Metalder, B-Fighter, Jetman, Most Kamen Rider series, you name it and it’ll be on store shelves or online (LEGALLY of course).

Apr 17, 9:28AM EDT0
If you could tell your younger self what to avoid and what to embrace what would you have said?
Apr 16, 5:17PM EDT0

Respect is a privilage.

Obsession will kill it all.

That's the best I could think of. Learn early or Fail later.

Apr 16, 6:00PM EDT1
Do you ever think you stretch yourself too think by being a jack of all trades?
Apr 16, 10:25AM EDT0

Unfortunately, but I can look up manga/anime/anything else japanese you've never heard of (using the Japanese names and all), use clues to translate the title, and you get "Prefectural Umisora High School Baseball Club  Yamashita Tarou-kun" or "Jinnai Ryuujuujutsu Fighting Expert Majima-kun Has Arrived!!" Though my biggest challenge is to drop my pride, talk to any girl on the internet like how an IRL person would, and find a life outside the internet. Back to the Jack of all trades thing, I can do voices, but I don't sound perfect 100% of the time. I can make songs, but I can't get instruments to do that. I could do art, but I hate looking at it. My blogs are my best feat, but the format is what kills it. So I kind of have to look at myself, since every artist is their own worst critic. Sometimes in this world, you DON'T get Second Chances, once a mistake is done, sometimes, that's it.

I'm sorry I sounded so doom and gloom, but there's plenty of reviewers on the planet who do a better job than me.

Apr 16, 2:10PM EDT0
Why do you seem to prefer to go back in time instead of heading towards the future?
Apr 15, 6:39AM EDT0

Technically it’s not to the 90s more than 2010/2011, it was before me on Twitter (or any social media) wasn’t becoming toxic, the biggest fear I had was the government meant screwing with the internet, now Twitter got worse, anything you do involving another person could be okay, or get blocked. Twitter after 7 years on the site is out of my life and if recent events show, I’m glad I left.

Apr 15, 9:04AM EDT0
What is your must-see TV? What films are you looking forward to in 2018?
Apr 15, 4:58AM EDT0

Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Venom (if they make it look good). As for TV, see the last answer, I do plan to complete Kyuranger (the make my mind on Lupinranger Vs Patoranger, and Build I DO plan to complete, but I need willpower).

Apr 15, 8:59AM EDT0
What areas in your life did you have an interest or passion in but had to give up to focus on othr things?
Apr 15, 1:09AM EDT0

Plenty, I quit content making cold turkey from December to February. Most Japanese I stopped watching week to week caused by my depression. I’m slowly getting back into the ladder, and blogging again, but video making is a big no no for me (at least right now, except for AMVs and other stuff related to it). I still haven’t watched Ninja steel past episode 8, and if the reception is easy to tell, I’m glad I did, I don’t watch most TV period.

Apr 15, 8:52AM EDT0

Keep the conga line rolling ladies and gents, because I don’t know how long this will last, but if you have questions, strike sooner rather than later.

Apr 14, 7:24PM EDT0
Are there any creative processes that you have found to translate over all of your endeavors?
Apr 14, 12:53PM EDT0

Twitter is gone from my life, but my goal is to get any is to get anything geeks and otakus love.

Apr 14, 1:03PM EDT0
In your early days, how did you hone your craft? Were there any writers or artists that you studied?
Apr 14, 11:43AM EDT0

Plenty of them but they’ll remain nameless, but I once had inspiration from a a guy I’ll call  Fusion (which inspired a series that might never return). I just learned by my own my own wit and style. My goal now is to learn from my mistakes (why I created Lil’ Falkner as a way to learn from my sins, even from the first day I was born [spoiler alert])

Apr 14, 1:10PM EDT0
How do you think streaming platforms such as Netflix, and Amazon Prime are reshaping the future of television?
Apr 14, 11:43AM EDT0

Quite a bit, the only thing blocking them is rights issues.

Apr 14, 1:11PM EDT0