A full-time motion graphic designer on a journey to capturing through video the beauty of what we see. Ask me anything!

Martin Jarmin
Apr 16, 2018

My official job title is "Motion Graphic Designer" so I basically do animations and motion designs. I love making things come to life through animation. When I decided to buy my own camera, my initial purpose for it was to photograph things that I liked. But that eventually expanded to video. I fell in love with capturing footages and then assembling them to form a piece. Here's my Youtube channel so you can check out some of my works. 

It has ONE subscriber. I admit that I'm still far from my journey but I'll keep going no matter what. Every week I try to come up with something new to post. They don't get many views but I'm somewhat okay with it. I know that eventually, they will. I'm just at the starting point right now. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions!




If you're interested to see some of my motion design works, you can check them out here. 

My Youtube channel


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Where do you get the dose of inspiration for your work?
Apr 21, 6:54AM EDT0
What do you find more important – private or commercial design work? Do you take your
Apr 20, 9:31PM EDT0
How would you describe your general approach for one of your Motion Designs? Which software do you usually use?
Apr 20, 4:03PM EDT0
Do you prefer working alongside a team in the company or taking the whole project on yourself?
Apr 20, 4:31AM EDT0
Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram?
Apr 20, 3:20AM EDT0
Motion designs are currently in trend. Do you it will stay for a long time or will stop after a while when the trend will start coming down?
Apr 20, 3:00AM EDT0
private work as serious as your commercial works?
Apr 19, 2:50AM EDT0
What's your general approach to a shot from the beginning to the end? Do you start with an intention or do you let it grow into whatever it becomes?
Apr 18, 4:38PM EDT0
Do you rely on any references for your work? And what are your resources?
Apr 18, 3:45PM EDT0
Is there a particular style of Motion Design you do or prefer to work with? And why?
Apr 17, 11:58PM EDT0
Do you have favourite designers who you really like or admire and why?
Apr 17, 2:18PM EDT0
How old is your Youtube channel? Do you promote your channel on different social networking sites?
Apr 17, 7:19AM EDT0
How did you land up with your first job in the industry?
Apr 17, 7:03AM EDT0
How do you see the difference between making illustration and animation projects?
Apr 17, 5:09AM EDT0
How did you get to Motion Designing? Did you always want to enter the design field or is it something you explored quite later in your life?
Apr 17, 3:54AM EDT0

I have been editing videos since I was in high school. I actually had a Youtube channel before my current one that had been I think quite successful. If I remember correctly, one of my videos got around 100k plus views if I'm not mistaken? I don't exactly remember why I deleted my previous channel. Haha. 

When I was about to enter college, I decided to take up Multimedia Arts as my course. There I was exposed to the different forms of art. I loved every single one. But in the end I realized that I had to focus on a single thing. I chose motion design. 

Apr 17, 11:05AM EDT0
What has been your favourite designing assignment to work on? What made it your favorite and what was the process like?
Apr 17, 12:24AM EDT0

I guess it would have to be the project that I worked on in my first job. Although it wasn't a design assignment, more of animation since my main job there was motion design. It was for a series that's all about sex education. 

It's my favorite project simply because I had so much fun working on it. I learned a lot and it enabled me to try different things that I haven't done before. 

As for the process, it was pretty much the usual. The designer/artist creates the assets (characters, environment, additional elements, etc.). Afterward, he/she hands over the assets to the animator/s (this is me). I prepare them for animation. This stage of production involves the separating of the graphics into different layers so I can individually animate them. Sometimes the designer/artist does this part also but in some cases, we the animators do this since we're the ones who are going to make them move. So I always check the assets in Illustrator or Photoshop to see if everything is sorted into different layers. 

After the prep of the assets, I move on the animation stage. Usually the most time-consuming part of the whole production. After submitting and revising all the parts that needed to be revised, comes the finalization stage. This is where we check everything in full detail then hit that render button. 

Apr 17, 10:54AM EDT0
When you’re learning new techniques, do you spend a lot of time experimenting? Are you constantly learning?
Apr 16, 11:25PM EDT0

Yes! I spend a lot of time learning them. I usually spend a couple of hours or days studying something. I remember when I was a fresh grad from college, I spent almost my entire month of break practicing my skills and learning new techniques.

I built my portfolio around my new learnings and helped me land a job in about a month. 

Apr 17, 10:36AM EDT0
How far do you see a connection between still images and moving images considering you do both? Do you think that a still image has more power than moving pictures?
Apr 16, 4:38PM EDT0

This is a tough question. Haha! I love photography and filmmaking. Both of them have the ability to deliver very powerful messages. But if I have to choose one that is more powerful, I would have to say moving pictures. Please don't get angry at me fellow photographers!

With moving pictures, you can expand on a topic and fully deliver what you are trying to say to the audience. It helps in elaborating an idea and gives you the ability to deliver it through different perspectives. You can either focus or narrow down what you are trying to say through moving pictures. 

They also excite your audience more. Although to keep their eyes glued on your work, you have to be very mindful of the content, the length of the video, the "look", basically you always have to keep in mind the audience. 

Apr 17, 10:34AM EDT0
Besides your usual work, are you currently working on anything exciting that people should keep your eyes open for in the next few months?
Apr 16, 3:37PM EDT0

As of now, I'm still in the planning stage. But I plan to release something in the coming weeks or months. It's not animation but live action. I'll upload it to my Youtube channel once I'm done. 

Apr 17, 10:06AM EDT0
Have you come across any new trends in animation that young animators should focus on?
Apr 16, 11:47AM EDT0

Believe it or not but in some sort of way we're kind of backtracking to frame-by-frame animation. There was a time that vector animation was king. It was being done by almost everybody. But now, it's like a huge advantage to have the capability to do frame-by-frame. 

Most top motion graphic design studios create these beautiful animations frame-by-frame. Young and upcoming animators/motion designers should explore more this kind of technique.

Apr 17, 10:04AM EDT0
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