Jul 15, 2018

AMA about new book launch for "The Sinclair Witch" by independent author NK Vir.

N.K. Vir: Editing and promotion. I've read and continue to read many indie authors and there is almost always a mistake of two.  They're not glaring, a word may be the wrong word; for example: there instead of their.  Formating errors are common as well (it ha…

AMA #4 (again): Tomb of The Jack of All Trades Web Producer: Gym Swap, from Videos back to blogs again, fanfics, CoroCoro Comic, Tie-ins, Konami Documentary, Japanese toys from the 80s & 90s, and the future of my thing.

Takeshi Kinniku: 1. Personal stuff 2. Nope, & I doub it’ll ever happen,  I do have a psychiatrist you know.
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