May 16, 2018

Jean Davis – Science Fiction and Fantasy Indie Author AMA

Jean Davis: I would have to go with Vayen, from my space opera series The Narvan. We've been together for a very long time. I'm usually not a very nice person when I'm writing him. I tend to swear a lot more and have far less patience. But then, I don't have muc…

Hello! yes I'm proud to admit that I am an SIW. (Strong Independent Woman). AMA

Author Marilyn L. Rice: The business industry and the world of writing  are  fast moving and in constant change. As technology increases so business speeds up and there's a constant pressure not to get left behind. Probably the greatest challenge for writers today is to get…

World-breaking record: 1,000,000 words in 2 years! Stella Purple, bestselling AUTHOR, international award-winning GRAPHIC DESIGNER and ENTREPRENEUR. AMA about the ups and downs of indie-publishing, how a FULL-TIME author bought her first house!

Stella Purple: I do a side gig with my studio to design for other international companies. But I found that most individuals do not have the budget to hire a professional studio, unless we're talking about big publishing companies.
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